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About the Company

Established in Wilmington, Delaware in 2016, in a spare room used as an office, Made to Meander was born out of a desire to share the boundless beauty of nature and the human spirit with the world in an accessible way through affordable handmade and fair trade fashion. 

Made to Meander About the Company

Made to Meander's typical outdoor setup (Smyrna-Clayton Little League, Smyrna, Delaware, 2017)

We strive to curate the most beautiful pieces we can with a price tag that allows everyone to own something that celebrates life on this planet. 

Many of our items are sourced from Fair Trade Federation (FTF) members who promote:

  • living wages
  • safe working conditions
  • access to education and training
  • opportunities for disadvantaged or marginalized producers

When we buy from suppliers who are not fair trade certified, we buy directly from small-scale producers who might not be able to afford the fees but are family businesses that through their work, exhibit fair trade principles by supporting their families, local community, and economy.

We do not have a brick and mortar store, but instead operate online and at regular outdoor markets, craft shows, and popup shops in order to reduce overhead and keep our prices low. 

To shop with us in person, see our Events page for a regularly updated calendar of events.

About Fair Trade

"Fair trade is an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system." -Fair Trade Federation

We chose to focus on fair trade goods not because we are self-righteous, but because we wanted our business to support business practices that are fair for everyone, including our customers, and show everyone that fair trade goods are not only for people that can afford luxury goods.  Most of our pieces are under sold for under $30 and we intend to keep it that way.  And yes, that is with our producers already being paid fairly for their work!

Owner April Pagliassotti with her family in Mandalay, Burma

Owner April Pagliassotti with her extended family in Mandalay, Burma (2016)

Additionally, we wish to spread awareness and the practice of fair trade both stateside and particularly to Burma where the owner's mother was born.  For the last several decades, until 2008's constitutional referendum in attempt to create a new democratic government, Burma was under military rule.  Furthermore, despite opening up to international investment and recent economic reform, more than 1/3 of its population still lives in poverty.

While we have some ambitious goals and a long way to go, we believe that fair trade is the way of the future and hope to do our part in getting there faster.

About the Owner

April Pagliassotti and her mother, who comes from Burma where many of the items are made (including some of our best selling scarves!), had been throwing around ideas for a retail business half-seriously for years.  It wasn't until she was 2 years into what was meant to be a good, but ultimately transitional job and nearing 30 that she realized she needed to get started on her 5 year plan that she had been putting off: starting her own business that also helped others less fortunate.

Made to Meander Owner

April in her natural habitat... among food (Lashio Market, Lashio, Burma, 2016) 

Starting from scratch with some Google-fu and helpful friends and family, she converted a spare bedroom into her office (and eventually her dining table... and dining room... and den...), started booking craft shows and outdoor markets, and to this day, though hopefully not forever, remains a one-woman operation.  (With lots of behind-the-scenes support from her boyfriend, parents, and best friends' group chat!)

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